Justine Key Boston, a former member of Bankerohan’s “Notoryus” gang, was 16-years-old when her boyfriend Leoven Tayo was gunned down by motorcyle-riding hitmen in 2000. Rival gangs and killers from the anti-crime vigilante group known as the Davao Death Squad later murdered 12 other Notoryus members. Before he died, Leoven took on the name Victor Neri-his idol and star of the hit movie "Notoryus"-and established Davao City’s most feared street gang. Since Justine Key was Victor’s girlfriend, she too joined Notoryus and began spending a lot of time on the streets using drugs and hanging out with friends. Justine Key eventually left the streets, found a new boyfriend, and says she is trying to be a good mother to her three children. "If I can go back, if I can change anything, I would have wished that he didn’t do those things. That was my dream," she remembers. "It’s true that Victor had no education, but he loved me very much."

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