Amin Abu Asnin, 30, was chained to a wall by his family and kept inside a livestock-filled barn for 10 years before being rescued and brought to the Shefa'a Center for Care and Rehabilitation in Hebron, West Bank.  The Al-Ihsan Charitable Society runs this home for men who have severe physical and mental disabilities. According to a report produced by the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics in 2000, 46,000 Palestinians (1.8 percent of the total population) were disabled.  The Gaza Community Mental Health Program (GCMHP) estimates that up to 15 percent of Palestinians living in both the Gaza Strip and the West Bank suffer from some form of mental disability, and that Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is particularly high among children who have been raised in families affected by the protracted conflict with Israel.

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