Mindanao on the Mend

Edited by Fr. Eliseo R. Mercado Jr., OMI and Margie Moran Floirendo
Photographs by Ryan Anson (Anvil Publishing Inc., 2003)

This book is for all those who believe there is hope for peace in Mindanao.

In a land where violence and destruction are the norm, four communities have boldly arisen from the ashes of war to answer the call of peace. Their peacebuilding efforts are chronicled in this book by men and women who have risked their lives in the war-scarred heartland of Central Mindanao in the southern Philippines. Importance is also give to women and youth, victims of war, now transformed into agents of change capable of providing leadership in critical areas of Mindanao.

Ryan Anson's stunning photographs illuminate both the heartbreak and the promise of this beautiful island. Even as the various factions grope for an acceptable solution to the age-old conflict gripping the region today, some civilians have already begun--by taking an active role in building a firm foundation for lasting peace in their communities. Open this book and be inspired by their stories.

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