In The Shadows of Davao

Photography and text by Ryan Anson
Copy Editor: Jose B. Dalisay Jr.
Picture Editor: Lisa Botos
Design: Ige Ramos Design Studio
(Tambayan-Center for the Care of Abused Children, 2004)

Beneath the official optimism and behind the commercial bustle of Davao-one of the Philippines' largest and fastest-growing cities-lies the dark and unexplored reality of its gang life, especially that of Davao's all-girl gangs. Driven out of their homes by poverty, despair, and abuse, these gang members seek solace and support in each other's company. But often they find something more, something they may not have bargained for-drugs, sex, violence, and prostitution, even death.

Photojournalist Ryan Anson immersed himself in the life of several of these girl gangs, and chronicles in this book their many aches and sometimes joys-and, just as importantly, the path back to hope through the doors of Tambayan-Center for the Care of Abused Children Inc.

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