Campaign volunteers plaster political posters for the Akbar family in Isabela City, Basilan, southern Philippines. Wahab Akbar, the three-term governor of Basilan province in the conflict-racked southern Philippines, ran for a seat in the national congress during the country's 2007 mid-term elections. His three wives, Jum, Cherrylyn, and Nur-In, also ran for political positions in hopes of consolidating their power in the archipelago off mainland Mindanao. “We’ll have the most progressive province in the country,” says Akbar. “ When the people have dynasty, they have more development.” The island of Basilan has been wracked by political instability and violence from multiple Islamic insurgencies. The Akbars say they hope to solve the impoverished island's economic and security problems. However, their critics say some of the family members, including the governor himself, maintains ties with criminal groups like the al-Qaeda linked Abu Sayyaf.

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